How to talk on the 147.435 Southern California repeater


Radio frequency (RF):

  • Output:  147.435 MHz
  • Input:  146.400 MHz    (103.5 PL)

Allstar Link:


  • Node 747565 K6MWT-R   (Offline as of 4/2/2017)
  • 435 was banned by Echolink on April 2, 2017 due to violation of #6 of their loosely defined guidelines.  It seems the gutter parlance language that the FCC now allows on the Amateur Radio service is not acceptable to Echolink.  They are a private service and can ban anyone for any reason.
  • See the Echolink “guidelines” here:

Private Internet VoIP:

  • Asterisk — Private IAX user clients and repeater links.
  • To request access, email
  • Once you have been given credentials, connect using a free phone/computer IAX application such as Zoiper.
  • Instructions on setting up Zoiper for 435 are here.
  • VoIP users are held to a higher standard than 2m RF users.  435 is first and foremost a Southern California 2m repeater.  VoIP accounts are per individual and will be terminated if abused or shared.
  • The VoIP real time status is public:

Phone Patch:

Dial-in phone numbers are available for special occasional guests.  To request a temporary personal phone number, email

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