Zoiper Configuration

The free Zoiper application is used to talk on 435 over the Internet from a phone or computer.   Zoiper supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac and Linux.

The configuration steps for Zoiper vary depending on your operating system.  The steps below should work for Zoiper on any operating system, but the order may be different.

435-specific Zoiper configuration guides for some some operating systems:

General Zoiper Configuration Instructions:

  • Download the free Zoiper app from www.zoiper.com (or your app store)
  • Run the Zoiper app
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Accounts”
  • Click “add an account”
  • Click “Yes” for already have an account.
  • Click “Manual configuration”
  • Choose “IAX account”  (*not* SIP)
  • Use the credentials provided to you:

Account name:  (“435” or whatever you want to name it)
Server:  hub.your435.com
Port:  leave blank or enter default port 4569
User name:   that was provided to you
Password:   that was provided to you
Leave Caller ID blank

  • Click “Register” button if needed until “Registered” is displayed.
  • Click the “Dialpad” then dial your private extension number to access 435.   You will hear “435 connected.”
  • IMPORTANT:  Make sure you mute your microphone when not talking.   The Zoiper app doesn’t support push-to-talk.
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