147.435 Repeater has a New Licensee

On June 6, 2013, after several historic years as owner and licensee of the 147.435 repeater, Christina Holzschuh sold her interest in the 435 repeater equipment and TASMA frequency coordination.  David Hildebrand, N6BHU, is the new repeater licensee.


On August 24, 2013,  the Twin-band Area Spectrum Management Association (TASMA), approved the frequency coordination of the 147.435 repeater on Oat Mountain with N6BHU as licensee.
See: http://tasma.org/2013-08-24-tc-minutes.pdf

The 147.435 repeater is a “clear channel” amateur radio repeater in California, with coverage from central California to the Mexican border.

147.435 146.400 – 1.035 N6BHU 103.5 Oat Mountain

The new RadioReference / Broadcastify audio feed is here:

The new TeamSpeak Internet receive/transmit remote base is here:

  • Server: your435.teamspeak3.com
  • Port: 800

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2 replies

  1. Hello My name is Jerry Whosoever Logan or i go by KayWal from Reno Nevada i found this site and listen to this repeater daily online , I have a Question what is the Teamspeak 3 for? i have Teamspeak and would like to know do i use this for listing to the radio is this another way to listen ? I don’t want to use something like this if its ONLY for LICENSED Radio Ham Operators to use the server i do not want to abuse this is this for the public to log into and listen ? . Could you please tell me what its for? I want to get my licence and a Ham sometime in the near future. Thanks .

  2. I was in Burbank for a month recently and really enjoyed listening to 435 whenever I had a chance. You folks sound like a fun bunch with your desert parties.

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