Fund for Darren Rumas (N6VGU) Services

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Amateur Radio lost a saint. Darren Rumas (N6VGU) was a huge influence on the ham radio community, especially the 147.435 repeater. He was a good friend and mentor of mine. He fixed my broken equipment literally hundreds of times, as well as everyone else’s. He was affectionately known as “The Moo,” “Pugsley”, “Peter Rabbit”, “Cock Robin”, “Gregory Pecker” and more. He was a man of integrity, friend to all hams and a technical wizard of all things above 50Mhz. Without Darren, there would be no 435 as it is today.  — Dennis Keizer W6DEK

Donations will go towards funeral services and wake for Darren.  His friend and neighbor Brenda Gates is planning the services and the money will go to her.   Any remaining money will be contributed to whoever takes the lead on a  wake / memorial event.  — Roger Bly K6MWT

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