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  1. Hey Roger – thanks !

  2. Your welcome

  3. Using teamspeak on this channel, sounds great. Do I hear correctly that using chat feature is discouraged?

  4. The Free Speech ch permission set needs to be changed as you just cloned the 435 rx only settings. Hence We the people can not converse bow ding jow pow! Tx ends.

  5. Fixed. Deleted the “Free Speech Channel.” The 435 Teamspeak is for listen-only duplex, not an off-air chatroom.

  6. why does ham radio attract so many weirdos ? YDO ? anyone ? uber und oot

  7. I just started listening on my phone app to this channel. It’s pretty cool I use to live in socal. I’m.in Seattle WA now.i also use to be on the cb down there in the 90s. Sounds like ham radio sounds alike lol. Same bullcrap lol. Too funny love it though keep it up. I’m Rachel and I’m 41 lol. I show a pic but don’t think I can here.Is there any other sites besides here to contact people with?.

  8. Rachel, this 435 Facebook page is the most popular 435 discussion site:

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