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  1. Why has the streaming audio been quiet for a week?

  2. Cool photoshop job, sort of. I think a real pic would have been more interesting.

  3. It was a real picture – I took it – cropped and level adjustment in Lightroom. Taken from Concourse Park in Portola Hills. Canon 7D, 100-400 IS L lens. Location found using https://www.photoephemeris.com/

  4. I can’t believe Henry is Dead… Just wanted to let you know that I will miss all the people who really tried to talk some sense into him. The ham community gave advice which was ignored by Henry but then again nobody can get through to persistently stubborn people. I believe if he had listened to the advice and made changes, he might still be alive today. Thanks for trying to help him, all those 435er’s who spent the time talking to or about Henry. David Hotchkiss, San Diego listener.

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