Let’s Go T-Hunting

435 is a free speech repeater, but long term jamming and long term playing of recordings is not acceptable; it adds no value.   Several 435 stations have expressed interest in helping with direction finding of the interference.

Direction Finding Reports

You can send your reports here:    df@your435.com

For bearings, it’s most helpful if you provide the following info:

  • Your location in GPS coordinates, address, or nearest cross streets.
  • The bearing to the station on the 146.400 Mhz input in either magnetic (compass) or true (adjusted) coordinates.
  • The approximate signal strength.
  • Any other notable signal characteristics.

If you DF to a specific address, please do not confront, vandalize, or harm the operator/station.  Report the suspected address and the procedure you used to determine that location, e.g. third harmonic, antenna off, body shield, etc.

Please don’t publish bearings and addresses publicly.

The FCC-approved process is:

  • Acquire triangulation via bearings; addressees if possible.
  • Report to FCC field office with as much information as possible.
  • FCC field office will verify and do station inspection, prosecute, etc.

Map Database

We have created a map/GIS database to track all reporting bearing and address/area reports.  This will allow for analysis and prediction or likely targets for further action by the FCC.  Send reports to df@your435.com.

The 435 Direction Finding Kits

We have acquired DF kits containing:

  1. MK4 DF Sniffers
  2. BC-146 DF Antennas
  3. Suunto M-3 Compasses

Once we have completed field trials, these kits will be available to borrow by the 435 community.

You can order your own DF kit from:

41N4R6W4PKL._SX342_ Flabob5^120 mk4Sniffer

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