Baker’s Dozen List of 435 Rules

Just for fun… trying to capture the community rules.  First draft.
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Baker’s Dozen List of 435 Rules

  1. We use duplex at all times
  2. It’s OK to key over others with brief comments (because we duplex)
  3. We keep each key-down short
  4. Never interrupt a show in progress
  5. Never ask for a show; they just happen
  6. Family non-combatants are off limits
  7. We often have serveral interleaved conversations going at once
  8. There is no time out timer; it only gets abused
  9. No-audio carriers are jamming
  10. Offset and no-PL resetting are jamming
  11. Long-running recordings are jamming
  12. We embrace gutter parlance
  13. We follow the FCC rules and regulations

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