435 Bong Hit Net and the ARRL

We have resolved our “misunderstanding” with the ARRL and the 435 daily 4:20pm PT Bong Hit Net is once again listed in the ARRL net directory.

The 147.435 Bong Hit Net (BHN) is a daily net to discuss the medical and recreational use of Cannabis. As of June 2016, over 260 BHN numbers have been assigned to people who have checked in from around the world.

Direct Link:

ARRL Net Directory Home Page:

ARRL Net Search Page:
Select:  Local Nets, California, search for “bong”

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5 replies

  1. What a great addition to 435. A net talking about the different forms of Marijuana that you can get high on.

  2. WA6RXZ A new strain called Grand Massa Kush a private reserve from the land of Dixie !

  3. Please read it that way for darin\

  4. fuck 435 and fuck the bong hit net! trump is going to send the pot smokers to mexico with the beaners!

  5. Donald Trump’s new Attorney General will make sure that you commie hippies are not able to get any of your damn marajuana anymore!
    God Bless Donald Trump!!!!!

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