435 Jamming Incident Summary (Oct 18-25, 2016)

Continuous RF malicious interference effecting our 147.435 repeater began at 5:15 PM on Tuesday October 18, 2016 and continued until 7:37 AM today Tuesday October 25 when the equipment was removed by authorities.

Tuesday 10/18:

Jamming of 435 (rebroadcast of Spanish speakers and data) began around 5:15 PM.  Audio and surveillance from 3:00 – 6:00 PM have been collected.

Wednesday 10/19:

Email sent to enforcement team and others; no RF fingerprint matches with known jammers; ruled out the usual suspects;  it became clear this was a serious outside attack.

Thursday 10/20:

Bearings and early T-hunting began.  We decided to leave the repeater on and not activate anti-PL mode so that people were aware of the jamming.   463.625 MHz was identified as the commercial channel being rebroadcast by the jammer onto 435.

Friday 10/21:

Full enforcement began, over 10 people involved.   T-hunting determined Mount Wilson was the source.   A plan was made to visit Mount Wilson on Sunday for the intercept.

Sat 10/22:

Word of our problem got out and numerous calls and emails came in from non-435 commercial and amateur individuals offering help, bearings and suspects.

Sun 10/23:

A 435 enforcement team visit to Mount Wilson located the commercial shelter and specific antenna on the tower that the malicious interference was emanating from.

Mon 10/24:

We engaged with the company that owns the offending shelter and scheduled shelter access for Tuesday.  They were very supportive on taking immediate action.  FCC and local law enforcement were engaged and “very interested.”

Today, Tue 10/25:

All the parties met with the commercial site manager at the shelter.  The offending equipment was located and confirmed as not authorized to be in the shelter.  The equipment was removed for law enforcement investigation.

The work continues.   Federal and local law enforcement are interested and engaged.   The equipment and other evidence will be examined, suspects interviewed, etc.

There are many juicy details that can’t be discussed while law enforcement is underway.

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16 replies

  1. go fcc and go roger. that’s showing them who you don’t mess with.. hahaha lolololol

  2. I hope Law Enforcement gets some finger prints off that equipment and maybe surveillance video?

    • BwaaaaHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fingerprints!! Too funny!!! Maybe they can get a DNA sample and Aby can run it through the national database!… BwaaaaaaaHAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. “435 Enforcement Team”? Get fucking real. Sounds like something the WIN System would have or say.

    I see nothing has changed from the horse face days.

  4. Hey WTF? I tuned in a couple of days ago and blank. Now I know why. You guys need a drone armed to the teeth protecting that tower.

  5. Very good action. 435 has a couple of seriously developmentally disabled individuals. The rest are just immature. Bret gives some of the worst a voice by using his remote. Hoffman and Nebraska Tom are just so twisted that they cannot carry on a conversation without threats and insults. And they bully whenever they can.
    Thank GOD roger is setting up a better system where the few cannot jam and dominate all others.

    I like to hear the nutcases, they provide some measure of entertainment, AND when they cannot jam over the people they are trying to bully, THEY cry the loudest.

  6. Hope they shut that repeater down. They’re all worthless pieces of shit.

    • Very true but if they’re not on 435 they might go somewhere else and Bug them people I use it to test my radio because it’s always on and if I’m getting a good reception from them my radio is working. Just setting up your radio to hit the repeater and be able to broadcast is a feat in itself. It’s kinda like trying to listen to a liberal after a few minutes you can’t stand it anymore.

  7. Soooooooo…………who was the culprit?? Who dunnit??

  8. anybody getting bitched in prison over this yet ?

  9. Prison? for jamming Animal House? hahahahaaa

  10. It’s obvious the only people with the technical saavy to pull this off are the neckbolt brothers.

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